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Monday, September 8, 2008

Let the fun begin!

Have you ever been sitting there listening to a fantastic concert and asked yourself, "How do they do this? What does it take to prepare for a concert like this?" If you have ever thought that then you will want to bookmark this blog. "What it takes" will give you the chance to follow us as we prepare for our next concert. It is no easy road to trek for the quartet and we invite you to join us! Along the way, if you have questions, please send me an e-mail at cellistforlife@gmail.com and I will post your questions and our answers.

Let the fun begin! - Joshua Knopp for the Highstrung String Quartet

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Aaron Boscanin said...

hey josh! nice blog! you guys are playing the borodin!?!?!!! thats what i played at britt (it is very beautiful and rather adictive. you'll find yourself singing it often) and another group played the "rider" its a pretty awesome hayden.