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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Vaughan Williams imitates...Vaughan Williams

I love Vaughan Williams. I had the great pleasure of working two Vaughan Williams' pieces, Suite for Viola and Orchestra, and Four Hymns for Tenor, Viola and Piano. They are fantastic pieces. But whenever you play multiple works from one composer, you begin to notice what that composer likes. For your enjoyment, here are two excerpts from both works (I've included audio for those of you who can't read music, or refuse to read alto clef). Notice Vaughan Williams begins both pieces with "Up a fifth, up a whole step, down a whole step". Hey, if it ain't broke...

This from Suite for Viola:

Click for Audio featuring Helen Callus on viola.

This from Four Hymns:

Click for Audio featuring Matthew Souter on viola.


lady greenleaf said...

". . . those who you who can't read music. . ." Must be me.

I keep finding similarities between music and writing. Every author has his style, whether it be short, clipped sentences or wordy, two page sentences. (Hemingway and Faulkner, anyone?) It makes it easier for me to relate and understand what you're talking about. ;D

lady greenleaf said...

You should be glad I'm not in an editing frame of mind, because I didn't see it until I copied and pasted. "Those who you who." Honestly, D, you can do better.

*mischievous twinkle in eyes*

David (viola) said...

I agree with your first comment entirely. Sometimes you can pick up a work (literary or musical) and say, "This sounds just like..." It's a wonderful experience. But we all have this trait. I was in an IM conversation with a friend of mine recently who said, "You type just like you talk." Guilty. Honestly, I think that's what separates us from the computers.

What's more fun is to listen to the classical station and try to guess the composer(I should mention that when you're also able to identify the group playing the piece,then you know you've crossed over into geek territory).