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Friday, April 24, 2009

Performance Tip #7

White Dress Shirts + Food = Disaster


lady greenleaf said...

Technically, I'd say that's more of a fact (or perhaps a mathematical problem) than a tip. But hey, it gets the point across.

The point being you're a messy eater?

David (viola) said...

I don't think we change the name of the Friday post for one post, so tip it will be.

But I do agree with you. When you own more tuxedo shirts than T-shirts, that's when this "tip" becomes a truth.

Our youth orchestra would have a dress rehearsal the afternoon before the concert and between that and the show, they would provide lunch. It always seemed like courting disaster.

lady greenleaf said...

Lunch before a dressy concert does sound pretty dangerous. Did they at least have the common sense to serve dry-ish food?

More tuxedo shirts than T-shirts??? Yeesh, boy, you need help. Come and get an Inn-N-Out T-shirt or three, then you can be as messy as you want. (And trust me, those animal style burgers can be catastrophic.)

Bisceglia Family said...

No kidding. And when you start performing in costumes things can get even worse - for instance my Renaissance costume's vest is made of brocade that has to be dry cleaned and waterstains!

P.S. There are various reasons for which I dislike eating just before performing, and this is just another!!

Live in Love and Laughter said...

SO true lol.