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Sunday, December 28, 2008

3 down!


Just a quick update: We've just finished a whirl-wind set of performances. We're staying at our grandparents house. They hosted a living room concert for a very cordial group of our friends and family. We also played a concert set at Bellewood. The residence there were welcoming and encouraging (It's always a joy to play for those who really love to listen). Tonight, we played our first full concert in Hobart (about an hour and a half of music). Everyone there seemed to enjoy the program a lot. Tomorrow, we leave for one more concert in Silverdale. Photos and video are coming soon. Stay tuned!

-David of the quartet


Ashley said...

Thank you for playing for us last night, it was great!

Keilah said...

You guys did great! Thank you so much for coming out to Hobart for us. We all enjoyed it. :cD

Michelle said...

I miss you guys! Keep having fun and I'll see you when you return home.

lady greenleaf said...

The editor inside my head is going a little crazy due to suppressed corrections.

David (viola) said...

Ashley and Keilah: Thank you so much for coming to the concert. It was so great to see you and your families.

Michelle: We're home, so you can stop missing us now.

lady G: It's good for you.

We're practicing madly right now trying to get the two movements of the Borodin ready. It might not happen. But between rehearsals, we're preparing a whole bunch of new posts. Coming soon...