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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

From Pateros with Love

We enjoyed a very leisurely trip to the Wenatchee, WA area where we met some wonderful new friends, ate a lot of really fantastic food, endured temperatures in the single digits (which welcomed a snow fall that broke a ten year record) and performed for a very appreciative and kind-hearted audience. Below are some pictures.

The view from our host home. I'd never been to eastern Washington. I would move there next week. It's amazingly beautiful and peaceful (click to view full).

This poor plant illustrates the way we all felt about being outside.

Playing (for business)

Eating (for pleasure)

Our new friends: Luke, Isaac the harmonica player, and Emily our hostess-ette who could make more food in an hour than the four of us could eat. Trust me, that’s an incredible talent. Not shown: Mr and Mrs. Wall and dear Ethan who apparently are very camera shy as we don't have a single picture of them.

We really enjoyed our visit to Pateros. Special thanks to the Wall family for making it happen and giving warm beds, great food and delightful company. Your hospitality was both generous and gracious; Also thanks to Uncle Kevin and Aunt Jen for their greeting us at the Homestead; to Grandma and Grandpa for inviting us and to Josh McPhearson for a really great sermon last Sunday.


lady greenleaf said...
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lady greenleaf said...

Hey, wait! Where's the part that says "photos courtesy of Justin K."?!? Did you (conveniently) forget to put that bit in?


Anonymous said...

Wow! Nice job on that first picture!

Looks like you four had a great time while in Washington!!

God bless your last few preformances!!
Elsie Devine =)

Em said...

oh my gosh I can't believe you guys put that picture of me on there :)...hehe I feel so special to know you guys posted about us on here...gosh you guys are awesome :) wish we lived closer...-em

David (viola) said...

Lady G: "His" name is a registered trade mark, it costs me a quarter every time I write it.

Elsie: Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope you and yours can make it to the concert this Sunday.

Em: You and your family were such a blessing to us. I wish we lived closer as well. Say 'Hi' to your mom for me.


lady greenleaf said...

Ah, yes, I understand now. Thank you for clarifying.

Em said...

mann...the memories of last weekend are going to be something i continually cherish :). It's totally God who put everything together of us meeting, and i pray that your guys' last concert today would be inspiring to those around you....wish i was there with you guys! miss you all, em