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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Highstrung Concert THIS SUNDAY!

We've waited a long time for this day. We're very excited about this next Sunday. Allow us to take this moment and extended a personal invitation to all of you. We would love to have each and every one of you come enjoy the music.

Here are the details:
Location: Rockwood SDA Church (1910 SE 182nd Ave., Portland OR 97233)
Time: 3:00pm

For those you who have been faithfully following this blog, we'd like to offer you the "inside scoope" on what we're planning. You already know we're playing Haydn, Beethoven and Borodin. Well, we may not be able to play all of the Borodin (the notes are easy, the music is hard and it's just not yet up to our standard). We'll see. We've scheduled a coaching for Saturday morning. But more importantly, we're planning a surprise visit from a fellow musician. You won't want to miss that.

Hope to see you there!


lady greenleaf said...

"Hope to see there" See what? Or whom?

This is how it works, D. Now that I have actually spent time with your family and you gave me permission to send you edits (don't try to back out of it now - I have witnesses. *smiles angelically*), I have gotten comfortable. Comfortable enough to criticize (and tease) you freely, cheerfully and mischievously.
.......At least in writing......


David (viola) said...

Yes, Lady G. I tend to attract that kind of critical attention. Most be the hair. Anyway, I'm willing to take the punch when I've earned it (like omitting a direct object after an infinitive). So I'll take my lumps like a man and hope to distract you with links like these:


lady greenleaf said...

"Syntactic swill." Yeeheeheehee, I love it. It makes me miss the days of the writing workshops. Oh, how I long to read Ash's and Ruth's essays again and have mine equally enjoyed and rewritten. But I don't miss the H. boys' papers so much - my goodness, they were messy. *shudders at the memory of the skateboard essay made up of two long, run-on sentences*

This, by the way, doesn't get you off the proverbial hook.

David (viola) said...

Well, let me distract you with yet another,


And refer further comments to my inbox (david{at}highstrungstrings.com) lest we both be banished from this site for continuous, off-topic posts.

lady greenleaf said...

Ah, yes, banishing. Quite unpleasant.

Bisceglia Family said...

I can't wait! I'm really excited about coming to this concert!

Blessings ~ Kathrina

lady greenleaf said...

AHA! No wonder I liked the Haydn so much....I just read on your website that it's called The Horse Rider. And I didn't notice that until just now. Observant, am I not?