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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Today's Program

For those of you planning to join us this afternoon, here's a sneak-peek at today's program. We'll see you there!

Quartet Op. 74....................Franz Joseph Haydn
Largo assai

Quartet No. 2........................Alexander Borodin
Allegro Moderato


String Quartet.................................David Martin
Movement 1
Movement 2
Movement 3

Quartet Op. 18 No. 4..........Ludwig van Beethoven
Allegro ma non troppo
Menuetto – Trio
Allegro – Prestissimo


lady greenleaf said...

I realize it's a little too late now, but I found a mistake in the program. It says Josh is going to the Philippians. I didn't know one could go to the Philippians - is he, perhaps, diving into a larger-than-life-size edition of the Bible?

lady greenleaf said...

For once, I am not editing!

My dad wants to know if you guys know the Little Fugue in D Minor?

lady greenleaf said...

Correction: G minor, not D...

Don't worry, I'll be quite now. :)

David (viola) said...

Lady G: We have a half dozen or so transcription of Back fugues but no "Little" fugue. Tell your Dad I'm sorry to disappoint him. And that's the British spelling of "Philippines".

JustinK said...

I do believe David that there is no such composer as "Back" Although, yes, that was hurting after out concert, I think what you meant was Bach.
And Lady G, I have not heard of such a Fugue, I should look it up.
-The Second Violinist

Bisceglia Family said...

Since I happened to see this discussion I just wanted to say... FYI - I believe the "Little" Fugue in G Minor was originally written as an organ solo. Whether or not it has ever been transcribed for string quartet I have no idea. You can watch videos of someone playing it on youtube.
(Amazing, I actually remember something from my music appreciation class!)
P.S. Do you often use British spellings? We often do without realizing it, to the confusion of our mother.

Anonymous said...

To be beside the point, You four did a great job Sunday! I really liked the David Martin pieces!

Having the five of you play at the end was awesome! I think that song was perfect to end with, it really captured the audience! (not that all the other songs didn't as well!)


lady greenleaf said...

Yeah, you should look it up, it sounds pretty cool on the pipe organ. Apparently it's my dad's favorite piece (I had no idea).

Oh, indeed, I might have known...those British chappies have to spell everything differently. I myself occasionally add the unnecessary U after the O and I'm not even remotely British.

Oh, speaking of foreign languages: David, the other night you said the German word for cream...would you mind spelling it, please?