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Friday, December 5, 2008

Highstrung in Print

Cindy Petty came over for our Friday coaching (more on this later) and brought a copy of the Newport News-Times Community Section . Our ugly mugs were featured on page B1 from
when we played for the Aquarium’s fundraiser event

But what struck me was the photo. I look like violist-extraordinaire Michael Tree It’s kind of creepy.

Now, if only I could play like Michael Tree.


Maren said...

David, I think I can help you with this one. Maybe if you slick your curly locks back like Michael Tree does, you play even more like him! You should try it, I'm telling you... ;)

David said...

My friend Jon said the same thing. If you look at Hindemith and Primrose, you'd think I missed the "slick hair" memo. That is, until you see this great picture of Emanuel Ondricek:


The Reluctant Dragon said...

At least you have more hair than Michael Tree