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Friday, May 1, 2009

Vocabulary Cards and Caffeine


Between various kinds of caffeinated beverages, lists of vocabulary and paradigms, and stacks of books that would easily intimidate the late Alexandrian scholars, there hasn't been much time to post an update for you, our dear readers.

In spite of all my efforts to the contrary, the calloused passage of time has been flinging me towards finals week with little regard for my internal sense of preparation. Thankfully, my load is quite a bit lighter than a lot of my peers. Just two comprehensive exams and a final paper. So I'm in good shape.

In the mean time, my students have been working very diligently as they prepare for the close of the semester. Is it just me or does Summer Breaks come at the worst possible time? It seems like we just make it over a major hurtle and then it's time to stop. Of course, all my serious students are taking through the summer, but still, I have no kind things to say about breaks.

The reason I bring this up is because this last week, most of my students played the best they've played all semester. I couldn't be happier. They probably don't realize that they're collective accomplishment has seriously up-ed the ante for summer and fall. Since I won't have college class laying siege to my every waking and hour (and beyond). I'll have a lot more time to dedicate to program/curriculum development. I've been teasing some very interesting ideas and approaches during this last school year and I can hardly wait to see what they look and on paper and then, God willing, in practice. There are some great new challenges on the horizon.

Some exciting family news: our sister, Michelle, is engaged! We're all very happy for her and her fiance. She told us this morning that the wedding is in 70 days. But, thank goodness, all the plans are coming together without much of a hitch --well, I guess I should say, in hopes of an stress-free hitch. Of course, it helps to be in the wedding/special event business.

Also, Josh just returned from a visit to his future Alma Mater, the University of Missouri--St. Louise. He'll have to tell you about that trip himself.

Elizabeth is back on the conference circuit. Her latest stop has been Texas.

Eric and Justin are joining me in the "finals cram". Nothing new to report.

That's the news from here. We'll be back to regular blogging as soon as the academic dust settles. Have a great weekend!

-David for the others.


lady greenleaf said...

I'm just glad it's a picture of Pepsi, and not Coca-Cola. ;)

You once mentioned something about granting me admin access, so I could fix any mistakes I might find. Perhaps you should consider this again.

Teasing aside, I'm jolly glad things are going well for you and the rest of the fam. :)

Bisceglia Family said...

Congratulations to your sister Michelle! I'd like to hear what music she chooses for her wedding, I'm betting it will be nothing traditional :)
Congratulations to all of your students as well and I wish all of you boys success in your end-of-year exams.
~ Janna
P.S. So David, out of curiosity do you really manage to post your performance tips at precisely 12:01 or do you have a special way of finagling the time?

David (viola) said...

LadyG: I usually drink Coke, but the Pepsi was on sale. So that's the way that goes.

And I'll think about.

Have fun in Texas!

Janna: I'm not sure what the music is. I think she and Josh are working it out. Personally, I like the traditional. The problem is that people treat the traditional music like it's lousy which becomes a self-fulfilling expectation (Canon in D comes to mind). That's really to bad because it's fine music.

I'm afraid I cannot divulge the black art of blogging. But I will say that if you open the "Post Options" dialog, you can set the date/time for when a post is posted...or will be posted.

lady greenleaf said...

That's ok about the Coke, I forgive you.
Please don't think I'm pushing the rights thing....it's merely for your own sake. ;D
As for Texas, I will do my utter best to have fun. Even if it means suffering through barbecue and sauce. :)

Bisceglia Family said...

I agree - I love the traditional music as well, it is still good music. (I'm thankful I'm not tired of Canon in D yet!) But I think when one has used it as part of a "business" it can be more fun to try to find something unique. (just my feelings...)
~ Janna