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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Downtown, Weddings and Hair

The amped-up lifestyle that typically frames a Knopp family day has poured on the esspresso as our sister, Michelle, is getting married! You can read the field report at Elizabeth's blog.

My time has pledged allegiance to arranging the ceremony music. Michelle requested a special song. So I've spent quite a bit of time under headphones listening to four beats at a time. It's been fun. Fortunately, there was an arrangement that I was able to draw from, but there was a major part missing. So I had to transcribe a piano and cello part --a lot of work.

I was taking a break and listening to "Metamorphosis", that got me thinking. The wedding is coming up, I should do my hair like Philip Glass.

This seems especially appropriate in light of the comments received about my looking like Michael Tree.

While all that is swirling around, a generous benefactor has sponsored some quartets to play in the parks in downtown Portland. We've gone out twice, entertaining anyone willing to stop and listen. It's been fun. Our locations, days and times are chosen at random. But know that if you're downtown, somewhere there could be an ensemble of musicians who'd love to see you.

8 days until the wedding!

1 comment:

Elsie D said...

WOW & LOL! Your crazy! I just read Elizabeth's post and she had said that the song was a secret!..so I came here hoping that you might give a hint as to what it was..but you didn't. =(

I seriously can't wait to find out what it is!!!!

David, you have your own style, you don't need to go looking like Michael Tree..though, there is a resemblance between you two!
Wow, that would be fun to be driving downtown Portland and see y'all playing! =D
Good luck on the arrangement!
God bless!