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Friday, July 3, 2009

Performance Tip #18

If the other players won't budge, try "bowing chocolates" --one expensive, gourmet chocolate to whomever agrees with your bowing.


Bisceglia Family said...

Do I get one for agreeing even though I don't play a bowed instrument? :D
~ Janna

David Knopp said...

I really doubt it --unless you could convince the bowed musicians. But that seems like an easily manipulable system.

Nathan Straub said...
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Nathan Straub said...

Your sentence should be changed to: "one... chocolate to whoever agrees with your bowing." _Whoever_ is the subject of the embedded noun clause "x agrees with your bowing."

The M in _whomever_ would serve to mark the dative case (give chocolate to whomever) or the accusative case (give whomever to chocolate). Here, however, _whoever_ is not the indirect object of the main clause "try... [giving] chocolate to x." It is rather, as I said before, the subject of the embedded noun clause, since that whole clause "x agrees with your bowing" is the indirect object.

Now one can see what a summer of syntax and morphology class can do to one. I do approve of the leadership technique, though. If all section members brought gourmet chocolates to vouch for their bowing styles, this world would be a better place.

lady greenleaf said...

*falls about laughing* Poor Dave, you just can't win.